‘The Spirit of Nature – The Hand of Man’

By Dominique Corfe


I bought myself a treat this weekend.. a new Bonsai tree. This little beauty is a 5-6 year old Juniper. This is the 3rd bonsai I have owned but sadly the only one I have today, as one day last year a stray sheep severely damaged the other two… very upsetting. However this Juniper will be the first of many more, as I have big love for these tiny trees, a brief encounter with a little bonsai can be a great encounter with nature’s extraordinary calm.

Bonsai planting is a historic Japanese art form, which, true to the character of Japanese gardening, focuses on finer details and bringing a grand sense of nature into a smaller space. The translation of Bonsai from Japanese is “Planted in a tray”. Traditional bonsai design is based on a rule of three: the lowest point symbolising earth; midpoint symbolising man and the highest point, heaven.

Although these trees cannot be climbed, it is the beauty of the detail that an Arborist can appreciate and consider. Bonsai trees are purely intended for enjoyment and expression, and although shaped by man, it is really the cooperation of nature that creates a successful Bonsai.

As an arboricultural company that specialises in fine pruning we value this perspective, because urban trees and gardens are not wild, with respect to the environment they’re created and crafted to provide enjoyment and serenity to the viewer. Viewing your trees and garden should be peaceful and relaxing, a green pause in the hurried pace of daily life.

Although you don’t need an arborist to maintain a bonsai tree, there is still a bit of an art to taking good care of one! We will continue with a series of helpful tips and instructions in bonsai care but for now I want to introduce the Juniper tree.

Junipers are fast growing, hardy and evergreen, which make them one of the easiest bonsai trees for beginners. They have an authentic oriental appearance and are a symbol of longevity in Japanese and Chinese folklore.

The attitude of the bonsai trunk sets the mood of the tree; it is the soul of the bonsai. You can see the bone wiring wrapped around the ‘windswept’ Juniper trunk, which we will keep in place for another few years, to support the Junipers growth over the rock.

Our Juniper was purchased from The Plant Place, on Alison Street in Hamilton.

Tree Gifts New Zealand also have a nice selection of bonsais you can order online, with delivery anywhere in New Zealand, they're a great idea for Christmas gifts.

In the coming months we're going to take on the challenge of creating our own bonsais from cuttings and damaged trees, this will be a slow process but whether we succeed or fail, I will keep our Facebook page and Blog up to date with the proof!

- Dominique 




We at Marc Doyle Treework are all taking part in Movember! We are sacrificing our stunning good looks and humiliating ourselves by growing moustaches to raise awareness of mens health and prostate Cancer.

We are an official memeber of and have a Marc Doyle Treework team running.

Search Marc Doyle Treework Team on and donate to our cause to help raise funds for mens health, or contact us to make a donation!

We have mobile eftpos on work sites this month, so make a donation with us. Every little helps!

Follow us on our facebook page and see our moustaches grow! We will be postting updated photos regularly from now on!

Now that they are actually growing!



Forget the ‘end’ we’re celebrating the beginning


It’s December and although the world is rumoured to be ending rather soon we at Marc Doyle Treework are celebrating, for many reasons too. First and foremost we’re celebrating life, trees and growth. Forget the ‘end’ we’re celebrating the beginning of our blog, new website, new Facebook page and a three-year milestone, which is how long it has been since I took over the business in December 2009. What better way to celebrate the world NOT ending this Christmas than sending someone a tree and re-vegetating our country? I’ve just found a New Zealand company online that can package and deliver a tree, anywhere in the country:

We love it because these gifts are eco-friendly and affordable, it’s a kiwi owned company that gives back to the environment and we especially love it because we’re obsessed with trees.

Our profession is truly about cultivation and growth. ‘Arbor’ is Latin for tree, making Arboriculture the cultivation, management and study of trees and shrubs. There is science behind our practice and though it may come as a surprise to some when I describe what I do for a living, tree removal isn’t usually first on the list. However in urban settings trees present a challenge because they’re growing in unnatural conditions, if not given the love of a good arborist (particularly large trees) then many suffer for it and usually become a safety hazard before we are asked to remove. Of course we love the challenge of a large take down, no man can deny that climbing massive trees is fun plus we love our tools, but I’m satisfied that week by week our work is balanced. Throughout 2013 we aim to show this right here and on our Facebook page -

- Chris

Tree Gifts New Zealand are also giving one of our lucky Facebook Fans a beautiful little Kowhai tree for Christmas so if you’re not already a fan but you love trees, join our page. 

  • Thanks again for a very professional job. It’s been a real pleasure to work with you and your team. That’s the second time you have helped us and each time you’ve been prompt and right on budget. I will be happy to provide a reference if required.

    Alan Jutsun, Hamilton
  • I had been asking my husband for months to do something about our overgrown garden. I came home one day and the difference was startling. I had to check to see where the trees had been as there was no mess, just light and space. Thank you so much for a fantastic job and for such a reasonable price.

    Anne Holm, Hamilton
  • The lads from Marc Doyle Treework knew what they were doing and got the job done quickly and safely, and even complimented my wife's coffee! Good job!

    Pieter, Hamilton
  • Thank you for the very professional job you did in removing the two large trees from the property adjoining our apartment. The work was done in an efficient and timely manner with minimum disruption to the residents using the driveway. I would certainly recommend your company to my friends and associates.

    Judy Jones