Caring For Your Small Section - 8 Tips

Welcome to the world of small-section gardening!

Whether you have a balcony, courtyard, or a small backyard, here is some quick advice to make your space bloom with life and color.

1. Native Plants

Make your small New Zealand garden unique by choosing plants that are native to the region. Iconic plants like flax and ferns are excellent choices, not only reflecting the Kiwi spirit but also thriving in our local climate, making them easy to care for.

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2. Water Conservation

Save water and keep your garden vibrant by using efficient irrigation methods such as drip hoses. Opt for plants that can withstand New Zealand's sometimes unpredictable weather without requiring excessive water.

3. Mulching

Maintain a healthy garden by adding a layer of mulch. Not only does mulch enhance the aesthetics, but it also retains soil moisture, suppresses weeds, and creates a favourable environment for plant roots to grow strong.

4. Vertical Gardening

Maximize your small garden space by going vertical. Hanging baskets, wall planters, or trellises not only save space on the ground but also add a dynamic and visually appealing dimension to your garden.

5. Container Gardening

Use pots to grow plants in your small space. Pots are versatile, allowing you to experiment with different arrangements and easily move plants around to find the perfect spot.

6. Seasonal Planting

Keep your garden lively throughout the year by strategically planning for plants that bloom in different seasons. Incorporate a variety of flowering plants to ensure your garden remains colourful and attractive year-round.

7. Outdoor Furniture

Transform your small outdoor space into a cozy retreat with compact and comfortable furniture. Well-placed seating areas can enhance the enjoyment of your garden, providing a relaxing spot to unwind.

8. Lighting

Extend the enjoyment of your garden into the evening with outdoor lighting. Solar-powered lights offer an environmentally friendly option, adding a warm ambience to your outdoor space.

If In Doubt

Navigating the nuances of gardening in your small section? Let Marc Doyle Treework be your guide!

Our team is ready to offer personalized advice, ensuring your garden thrives. Reach out for tailored tips and make your gardening journey a success!


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