Stump Grinding Hamilton

If you have just removed a tree on your property and are now looking to get the stump removed, we have the necessary equipment and knowledge to do the job safely. 

Do you have stumps on your property and wondering what to do with them? If you leave them in your garden, you may have these issues over time:

  • Becoming a tripping hazard for your family.

  • A decaying stump doesn’t look pretty in your garden. 

  • Rotting stumps can house harmful fungal pathogens. 

  • Harder to plant new trees.

We can do everything from council parks, schools and streets, backyards, rural properties, and complete subdivisions. So whether your project is commercial or residential, large or small, Marc Doyle Treework stump grinding Hamilton is the team for you.

Our Stump Grinding Collection

We are equipped with three stump grinders at Marc Doyle Treework to remove large and small stumps with ease and efficiency. Our machines have the power and speed to grind any stump and roots into small chips, resulting in a mixture of wood chips and soil for excellent garden mulch.

In addition, the small Toro Stump Grinder can access those hard-to-reach places to fit through a gate. 

Photos of our 2 stump grinders: stihl hand grinder and toro stump grinder.


Reinstatement is when we remove the stump grinding chips from the hole where the tree once was. Then, our team brings the hole back up to grass level with a freshly screened topsoil and gently compacts it.

Benefits Of Stump Grinding 

Whether you have stumps in your garden or are removing a tree, here are some benefits you should consider if you are unsure of what to do with the stumps. 

Stump grinder grinding a tree stump.

Best Way To Remove Tree Stumps 

Thinking of removing a stump with a chainsaw? Or pulling it out with a vehicle? These techniques can be hazardous.

Discover below how to navigate stump grinding safely. 

Your trees, our passion


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