Hamilton Arborists Caring for Trees Since 1984

Marc Doyle a Hamilton Arborist began his tree surgery in 1984 establishing the business by his own name. 25 Years of a great reputation transformed Marc Doyle Treework into a brand when Chris Corfe became the owner and operator in 2009.

Our team are qualified and experienced arborists based in Hamilton, serving the Waikato with quality tree pruning, tree removal, stump grinding and many more tree services. The scale of our work varies remarkably; no tree is too small or too large because we have the experience, equipment and insurance to carry out a safe and professional job.

As qualified and local Hamilton arborists we have an abundance of science-based knowledge that focuses on the health and safety of individual trees, our team and the needs of our customers.

Our training, experience and our passion delivers an expertise unlike any other in our industry. Through honest communication with our customers we deliver a standard of service that will leave the customer thrilled and the environment healthy.

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We offer a range of professional tree and stump removal services. 

Our professional team is here to care for all your tree needs

Residential Services

arborist cutting down a tree with a chainsaw

The health and maintenance of your trees, hedges and plants are essential to us. Through mindful practices and processes, we leave the environment safe and healthy, and we leave you with the peace of mind to enjoy your natural space. Enquire today and request a no-obligation quote.

Commercial Services

Arborists looking up the tree while working on a tree removal

We offer professional, safe, efficient and reliable tree services Hamilton supported by qualifications, compliance and insurance. We aim to provide a solution for your business needs. So whether you are looking to maintain your business property or looking for land clearing services, we are the experts.

Health & Safety

On top of achieving the best results, we are very particular in how we work because precision in arboriculture is a matter of safety. 
Our policies and procedures ensure that all the work we carry out is completed in the safest way possible for our staff and clients, the public, and the environment. We comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 and hold various compliance, such as the Local Authority Approved Contractor Scheme and Sitewise compliance by SiteSafe.

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