Tree Planting Hamilton

Arboriculture isn’t associated with planting as often as it should be, and we’re going to challenge that! 

We are proud to provide a full tree planting Hamilton service, starting with informative options and suggestions based on your needs and how you would like to see your garden grow. Then, we can either refer you to a suitable nursery located in Hamilton and the surrounding areas or organise and plant it for you, with no hassle from start to finish. 

We encourage everyone to broaden the understanding of our profession, ‘Arbor’ (Latin for tree) and ‘culture’ (The cultivation of plants). We love to share our knowledge of plants and their characteristics. 

Espalier Tree 

Espalier is an old agricultural practice that is very eye-catching and a unique feature to have in a small garden. Fruit trees like apples, plums, peaches and pears are perfect to create an espalier.

The benefits of espaliered fruit trees are the following:

  • It will get more sunshine than the natural tree shape

  • More shelter and warmth, therefore, better crop production

At Marc Doyle Treework, we have planted and pruned fruit trees into espaliers. So we have the knowledge and experience with this practice. If you want to start growing your fruit trees or other trees like an espalier, get in touch. 

When Is The Best Time To Plant Trees?

Tree planting Hamilton is best done during one season in New Zealand. 

Discover which in our article below.

Top 8 Trees To Plant In Small Gardens

Want to create a beautiful outdoor space and make the most of every square inch? 

Discover our top trees to plant in small gardens that will maximise your space and offer extra benefits.

Your trees, our passion


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