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Common Garden Diseases in New Zealand

Many of us wish to have a lush and healthy garden full of trees, plants, vegetables and blooming flowers. But unfortunately, numerous plant diseases in New Zealand affect our environment. Fungi,Read more

How to Prevent Storm Damage

Unexpected high winds and rain can only mean one thing in New Zealand; the results can be severe and hazardous to our environment. In fact, storms can severely jeopardise a tree’s health. We haveRead more

5 Winter Tree Care Tips

Don’t store your gardening tools or boots away just yet. Your garden still needs help and attention during winter. It’s also a great time to think about what to plant for the next season and howRead more

How To Protect Your Trees From Frost

The season's first frost can be a spectacular scene to wake up to after a cold night. But have you ever thought about how it can affect the plants and trees in your garden?  Frost occurs typicallyRead more

Benefits of Planting Trees in Autumn

Arboriculture isn’t always associated with planting trees as often as it should be. Even though we are the experts at maintaining them, we can also plant them.  Many residential or commercialRead more

Ultimate Guide on Pruning Fruit Trees

It’s that time of the year again that everyone in New Zealand dreads. The mornings are colder; the days are getting shorter, and summer is almost gone.  Autumn is a significant time since we getRead more

How To Solve Invasive Tree Roots

Have you ever noticed concrete cracks or concrete lifted upwards when walking around a city because of tree roots? This phenomenon happens quite often around homes in residential areas as well.  TrRead more

Why Mulch Matters

If you are a homeowner or a garden enthusiast, mulch is essential to keep your garden healthy. Spring and summer are the perfect time to add or replace mulch in your garden as the warmer temperatureRead more

Celebrating 12 Years in Business

"Incredible things in the business world are never made by a single person, but by a team."  Steve Jobs, Co-founder, Chairman & CEO of Apple  Read more

Signs of a Dying Tree

Nature is beautiful and full of life. And, there’s nothing more rewarding than planting trees in your garden and seeing them grow over the years. Although, maintaining trees can be a hit and miss fRead more

Benefits of Trees in the Workplace

Trees and their environment always make us feel better. But why? Is it because of the smell of fresh air, the beautiful shades of green, the feeling of comfort and security? We could write an entireRead more

5 Summer Tree Care Tips

It’s December, and Christmas is right around the corner! Everyone is organising their holidays, doing last-minute Christmas shopping and finally enjoying the warm weather.  Like many other kiwis,Read more

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