Case Study: Career Progression In The Arboriculture Industry

Case Study: Kyle Hallett

Photo of Kyle Hallett posing in front of the camera.
  • Kyle Hallett

  • Employment: Sales & Client Relationships and Arborist Team Leader 

  • Industry: Arboriculture

  • Location: Hamilton, New Zealand

  • Start Date: 12th of May 2021

With over 14 years of experience as an arborist, Kyle was ready for the next step in his career in arboriculture and chose Marc Doyle Treework as he felt there was an opportunity for professional growth.

Before working with Marc Doyle Treework, Kyle worked for another arborist company in Hamilton for six years. Although he enjoyed his time there, he was ready for a change and wanted to work with an organisation where his values aligned with theirs. 

The slogan “Mindful Arboriculture” from Marc Doyle Treework was eye-opening for Kyle, encompassing the ideal definition of what an arborist should be. 

After meeting with Chris and discussing career progression within the business, Kyle joined the team on the 12th of May, 2021. 

For the first year at Marc Doyle Treework, Kyle was an arborist team leader, managing teams of two to three on various tree work sites. He learned how to use and improve our processes and systems during that time. He also learned more about pruning trees and applying those skills to multiple jobs. 

After taking the time to understand the business and how it works, Chris started training Kyle in his new role of quoting tree work and working closely with Dan, managing operations.

In Kyle's eyes, the team culture is one of the most considerable values of working for the business. Everyone is great, respectful, positive and helpful. 

Marc Doyle Treework takes pride in completing quality tree work for residential clients. As a result, receiving instant positive feedback when you complete a job is a significant moral boost for Kyle. 

Furthermore, working in sales is still very rewarding since he can apply his arboriculture knowledge learnt over the years by helping clients and finding solutions to their tree-related problems. 

Kyle's weeks are separated between quoting and working on the tools. Therefore, he still plays an active role as a team leader, continues developing relationships with the team and keeps fit while climbing trees. 

He also appreciates the flexibility during the day while quoting. He can then go home for lunch, spend time with his young kids, and pick up his son from the daycare, alleviating his partner's day-to-day responsibilities. 

“Whenever you complete a job, ask yourself, could I have done that any better? So always challenge yourself to be better.”

Photos of Kyle doing tree work and in his quoting vehicle.

Kyle's Future With Marc Doyle Treework 

2023 looks busy and full of new challenges for Kyle! He looks forward to building solid relationships with clients and stakeholders.

In addition, he wants to develop his sales and leadership skills this year and improve his computer skills since it’s a big part of the role.

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