Reasons To Call An Arborist

Many industries have different specialists. For example, for tree care, arborists are the ones to call for preventative and maintenance of trees. 

Arboriculture is defined as the practice and study of the care of trees and other woody plants in the landscape. An arborist conducts testing and research, manages urban forests, provides expert witness and professional consultancy, and perform a wide range of practical tree care and tree removal operations. 

The scale of work is extensive. Most arborists work directly with trees and shrubs. Others will spend their time quoting jobs, meeting with customers, writing tree reports, training apprentices (if qualified), and more. 

Common services provided by arborists:  

arborists looking at a chainsaw

Why Hire An Arborist?

1. Tree Care Experts

Arborists are properly trained and experienced with tree care, tree maintenance, stump grinding and tree planting. 

They are skilled at many more things when it comes to tree care: 

  • plant and soil biology, tree species identification and pest and disease control; 

  • tree planting, pruning and landscaping techniques; 

  • tree climbing and tree removal techniques; 

  • operating chainsaws, rigging and climbing equipment, EWPs and chippers; 

  • safe work practices and first aid.

2. Arborists Perform Tree Work Safely

Working in arboriculture is a high-risk profession. Therefore, proper training and tools are essential when conducting tree work. In addition, our team have the best protective equipment to protect themself in case of an accident. Clothing includes a helmet, hearing protection, eye protection, high visibility clothing, safety boots, sun protection, chainsaw protective trousers, gloves and more. 

Before performing the job, arborists always have a good work plan. First, we plan the job and assess the risks. As a result, a careful and thorough site and tree inspection reduce accidents. Good work practices are critical for the safety of all workers on-site. We always recommend contacting a professional arborist to quote and safely complete the tree work.

3. Equipped With The Right Tools And Machinery

Arborists have the knowledge and experience to climb trees and maintain your garden or commercial site. We will save you time and money. Many people will buy equipment and only use it once to complete the work. We invest in the best equipment and maintain it constantly to do our work to the best standards possible.  

We strongly recommend always contacting an arborist as we are tree experts. Your tree’s health and growth are significant to us. 

4. Are Insured

We carry full public liability insurance. This will give you peace of mind when hiring certified professional arborists.

5. Your Garden Will Look Good

It is an art to perfectly shape a tree or a shrub. Arborists have the knowledge and experience to perform pruning on various trees without damaging them. 

arborist pruning a tree

Trees can have many advantages, such as providing shade, fresh air and enhancing the look of your property. Although, if poorly maintained, they can become a threat to themselves and people living on the property.

Remember, healthy trees are an investment. They need proper care. So, by contacting certified and equipped professionals, you are sure to get the best advice and results. 

Contact our friendly and professional team today for your tree care needs and no-obligation quote. We are more than happy to help you achieve your goals.   


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