Benefits Of Trees In The Workplace

Trees and their environment always make us feel better. But why? Is it because of the smell of fresh air, the beautiful shades of green, the feeling of comfort and security? We could write an entire book about the benefits of trees in our daily lives. There are so many!

For the past two years, the world has struggled with the pandemic. It has physically and mentally affected us. In addition, being confined at home and not always having access to nature has made us think more about our well-being.

As specialised professionals in the arboriculture industry, we are mindful of the importance of trees in our cities, neighbourhoods, and work. Therefore, access to nature is a necessity. 

We will briefly detail the overall benefits of trees, then concentrate on people’s health and how working amongst trees positively influences workers. 

Photo of a leaf.

Benefits Of Trees

As many would already know, trees have an incredible amount of positive benefits for the environment, public health and the economy. 

Trees in cities and neighbourhoods help improve the community’s respiratory health, so everyone is breathing better and cleaner air. In addition, having more green spaces, like trees planted on streets and parks, promotes more physical activities and reduces stress while improving the quality of life in the community. 

On top of reducing climate change, trees keep our cities and streets area cooler. In addition, they provide habitats for birds, animals and insects. If you place trees around your house, you can also save on energy costs. For example, shading from trees cools your home during the summertime, which means you don’t always need to use the air-conditioning. 

Trees also enhance economic stability. For example, if trees surround your business, people hang around and shop longer. When apartment and office buildings are circled with trees, they rent more quickly and have higher occupancy rates. And so, workers are more productive and less absent. 

People’s Health And Mental Well-Being

Since the first lockdown in 2020, our mental well-being has been put to the test.  

Working from home during a pandemic is a challenge to itself. It is where you work, eat and sleep. Welcoming your work life into your personal space can be daunting. 

Also, not having day-to-day work interactions with colleagues and socialising is hard. So how do we continue living our lives when our routine is cut short and what brings us joy in life isn’t as accessible anymore? 

Over the years, many studies have shown that trees and plants in our environment have plenty of perks.  


  • Reduce stress, 

  • Lower blood pressure, 

  • Improve overall mood, 

  • Reduce illness, 

  • Purify air, 

  • Quicken employee response time, 

  • Sparks creativity, 

  • Increase brain activity, 

  • It has a calming effect, 

  • Boost learning,

  • Reduce distractions. 

Due to the Covid restrictions in 2020, more people started walking or biking around neighbourhoods because being confined inside a house was too draining. Therefore, for office workers, spending time in nature helps them focus. It gives the cognitive portion of our brain a break to concentrate better. Even looking out a window and admiring the trees in your garden or street does make a difference. 

Today, two years since the pandemic, more company owners should invest in trees and plants in offices to improve workers general mood and quality of life.

Happiness In Arboriculture

Arborists are very blessed to be working in nature and constantly be surrounded by trees. Of course, some days can be more challenging than others, like the weather. Although, even after a wet day, everyone has their heads held up high. We are lucky to have access to nature every day compared to others who don’t have the time or the luxury. 

John, our landscape labourer, joined the Marc Doyle Treework team a few months ago. After working as a forklift driver in a warehouse for almost ten years, John was ready to change industry and learn new skills. Going from an enclosed environment to a lush open one, he feels happier and generally good about himself. Life in a warehouse was dull, and his coworkers were negative. This type of secluded workplace proves that it does affect people’s well-being when you don’t have access to green space. 

For someone in the office all day, having some plants and going on daily walks makes a difference—your productivity and mood increase.

John working on-site.

We need trees, and trees need us to plant and protect them. They make us feel better, and they help us every day. 

Add some colour to your office! Discuss with your colleagues and boss about the options of planting trees around the workplace to help improve the business's quality of life. 


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