How To Solve Invasive Tree Roots

Have you ever noticed concrete cracks or concrete lifted upwards when walking around a city because of tree roots? This phenomenon happens quite often around homes in residential areas as well. 

Trees need a lot of space to grow. Unfortunately, compact soil isn’t a prosperous environment for growing trees in urban areas. There are fewer nutrients, water and air in the ground, so roots will spread towards the soil's surface to find energy. Unfortunately, while expanding on the ground's surface, tree roots will eventually make their way through infrastructure and cause damage. 

So, how do you control roots damaging drive paths, walking paths and home foundations? 

tree root damaging concrete infrustructure

What Is A Tree Root Barrier System?

We recommend installing a subterranean root barrier system to control roots damaging drive paths, foundation walls, and concrete around residential or commercial areas. It is a great solution for redirecting tree roots downwards and preventing potential damage. The system is safe for the environment. It is the best solution for a long term fix, even though it can be expensive. 

Invasive root trees are a common problem, but removing them won’t solve it. If the stump isn’t removed, the roots will still grow, explore to gather water and nutrients and make their way into your infrastructure. We are happy to help as we offer stump grinding services to remove all underground roots. 

Image of a root barrier system.

Tips To Prevent Invasive Roots

Plan before you plant. Doing a bit of research goes a long way to avoid future damage to your residential or commercial property. We recommend researching trees, checking if their roots are invasive and where to plant them. 

If you are planting trees around your home or close to drive paths, we recommend not planting magnolia and cherry trees nearby as their roots are invasive. Even though cherry trees are a beautiful addition to your home, it is wise to install a root barrier to prevent the roots from damaging the concrete. 

Furthermore, we recommend installing the root barrier system to plant new trees. It will keep the roots from growing too close to your property. 

Tree roots can be a walking hazard and make it harder to mow lawns. They can also make their way through pipelines or sewage systems, becoming a costly fix.

Tree root barrier system is a preventative measure. It will save you time, headaches and money over the years. 

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