How To Turn Citrus Peels Into An All-Purpose Cleaner

Many New Zealand residents have an abundance of citrus trees in their gardens. 

Have you ever considered using the peels from the citrus fruit as an all-purpose cleaner? 

This is a simple, eco-friendly and cheap way to make your product at home.

Photo of a citrus tree and an all-purpose cleaner next to it.

Need 4 Items At Home

Apart from the citrus/orange peels, the other three items are generally in every household. So if you don’t have them, they are affordable. 

  • Citrus peels 
  • Glass Jar with lid 
  • White Vinegar
  • Spray Bottle 

Keep The Peels

After picking your orange fruit from the tree and peeling the outside layer, it’s a great idea to keep the peels in a sealed container in the fridge. So they don’t go bad too fast, and you can start accumulating your peels to make the all-purpose cleaner. 

If you use lemons or limes, keep the remaining fruit after using the juice in a jar and place it in the fridge. You won’t need to peel the skin from the lemons; just keep them whole to save time. 

Using citrus peels is excellent for many reasons:
  • It contains natural oils and juices to fight grease;
  • It leaves a fresh and pleasant smell;
  • It’s great for disinfecting and won’t harm household surfaces.

Fill The Jar & Add White Vinegar

Once you have enough orange or leftover citrus peels, fill your jar with them up to the top. 

Add the white vinegar to the top and close the lid. 

Store In Dark Place

Place the jar in a dark place like a pantry. 

That’s all you need to do. It’s so easy and so cheap to make your all-purpose cleaner!

Fill Your Spray Bottle With The Citrus Liquid

After a few weeks, take the jar out of the pantry or wherever you stored it. 

Empty the liquid from the jar into a spray bottle. The perfect ratio for an all-purpose cleaner is half water and half vinegar. If you want to add more vinegar, you are free to do as you wish but make sure to top with water. 

We recommend disposing of the peels in your compost at home.

Citrus tree and mandarins

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