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Growing Poppies, Honoring Heroes

As we head into April, we start thinking about ANZAC Day. It's a time when New Zealanders remember and thank the brave people who fought for our country. One thing that stands out during this timeRead more

Dutch Elm Disease In The Waikato - How You Can Help!

We are facing a new and urgent challenge here in the Waikato - The arrival of Dutch Elm Disease (DED). This devastating disease threatens the rich population of Elm trees in the Waikato, posing aRead more

Caring For Your Small Section - 8 Tips

Welcome to the world of small-section gardening! Whether you have a balcony, courtyard, or a small backyard, here is some quick advice to make your space bloom with life and color.Read more

Pohutukawa: The Christmas Tree of New Zealand

When the holiday season approaches in New Zealand, you won't find snow-covered landscapes or evergreen pines adorned with ornaments. Instead, you'll find the unique and special Pohutukawa tree, oftenRead more

The Secret Science Behind Spring's Tree Revival

Have you ever wondered why deciduous trees drop their leaves in the autumn only to grow new ones in the spring? It's a fascinating process driven by nature's clever mechanisms.  In this blog post,Read more

How Waterlogged Soil Affects Young Plants

When soil becomes waterlogged, the excess water replaces the air present in the soil, leaving the roots deprived of oxygen. Oxygen is essential for respiration and nutrient uptake in plants. WithoutRead more

Case Study: Career Progression In The Arboriculture Industry

Kyle Hallett Employment: Sales & Client Relationships and Arborist Team Leader  Industry: Arboriculture Location: Hamilton, New Zealand Start Date: 12th of May 2021 Read more

Fruit Tree Pruning Waikato NZ ( + Free Pruning Calendar)

When is the best time to prune fruit trees?  We often get this question from our clients because it always seems confusing since every fruit tree is different.  So we decided to gather the mostRead more

Case Study: Life As An Apprentice Arborist And Young Dad

Jeremiah Shannon  Employment: Apprentice Arborist  Industry: Arboriculture  Location: Hamilton, New Zealand Start date: August 2020 Read more

Top 8 Trees To Plant In Small Gardens

Many New Zealanders have been shifting to smaller residential sections over the years. This is likely due to a combination of factors such as urbanisation and the increase in land prices.  Although,Read more

How Does Drought Affect Trees

Dry periods during the summer months occur more and more often in New Zealand. They affect our habitat, animals, plants, trees and basic needs.  It can sometimes be challenging to ensure that ourRead more

Storm-Damaged Tree Checklist

New Zealand is experiencing more storms yearly. More wild weather equals more tree damage across the country. It is already happening, and we need to prepare more for them.  With more wild andRead more

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